Architecture in Aalborg

Aalborg: My brother was in Aalborg so to take advantage of a free place to crash, I met him there via a $7 airline ticket on RyanAir. Yes, I flew on a plane for literally $7 USD. 

Dinner viewz in Aalborg

What did we do? Ultimately, we spent a very little time in Aalborg (in Denmark as a whole, actually). When my brother was busy with work, I walked around the small city and window shopped. The clothes in Denmark are really nice & the style is so dope. I hope to bring some Scandinavian influence in some of my future collections / projects. When my brother and I met back up, we headed out for dinner and enjoyed eating outside on the patio. Later that night we met up with some of his friends and hit a local Irish bar that had live music. That night, I learned that I think Murphy's Irish Stout is better than Guinness. I still love Guinness.

The next day we spent walking by the water—they had speed boat races going on so there was a lot of activity, beer trucks, and a massive Danish warship docked. We ended up enjoying the beautiful weather while having lunch outside of a cafe. The food in Denmark was delicious—it seemed to be focused primarily on seasonality and freshness.

Lunch in Aalborg

The Last Day: We decided to drive down to Aarhus. Aarhus is about 2 hours south of Aalborg and a little bigger. My brother and I grabbed lunch and then parted ways—he went to catch a plane to spend Father's Day with his girls and I spent the night in Aarhus to begin my independent travel adventure. We planned to meet back up one week later in Dover, England.

ARos Aarhus Art Museum

Since I was only in Aarhus for really a matter of hours, I didn't get to do too much exploring, but it was a relatively small city—but bigger than Aalborg. The one stop I made sure to do was the Aarhus Art Museum. It's iconic circular panoramic city view in rainbow shades is atop a big brick building. Inside, the architecture is incredible. There's a large spiral staircase that sits in the center, giving you access to a lot of floors. There were some amazing exhibits. One that was really memorable was from the Chapman Brothers. You can read a little about them on the museum's site: Here. (they make some crazy freaky/slightly disturbing art)

Later that evening, I basically drank beer and watched the World Cup. Denmark happened to have a game that day so everyone was out. Denmark won the match.

Where I stayed: Danhostel Aarhus. There were very few options so it was the most affordable / best quality. The weird thing is... you have to pay for sheets. Other than that, I had a very pleasant stay. It is crazy convenient, right in the middle of the city.

Tips/Recommendations/Takeaways: I honestly wasn't there long enough to give you much here.

  • Go check out the Aarhus Art Museum: DOPE.
  • It is really expensive in Denmark: Carlsberg is the cheapest beer.
  • Amazing architecture / awesome style.
  • They really like nachos.
  • Everyone is (really) tall & blonde.

The next day: I caught a bus to Hamburg, Germany.

Architecture in Aarhus

Architecture in Aarhus