I quit my job

Today was my last day at work and I do not have a new job lined up. So, what’s next? No matter how corny it sounds, the pursuit of happiness, pursuit of my dreams. I’m ready for the challenge, ready to be uncomfortable, ready for growth. I’m going in 10,000% and there’s no looking back.

Just as FYI: Leaving my job is not a negative reflection of the company at all. I had an incredible experience and I’m grateful for being a part of such a great company for 4 years. I couldn't have left on better terms.

I’ve always struggled with defining what it is I truly want to do or be. This often leads to awkwardish conversations that I typically walk away with feeling as if I just portrayed myself as some lost soul that’s hopelessly searching for purpose or meaning in life. However, that’s not true. I’m actually in one of the best states of mind and happiness that I’ve been in in a long time. Generally speaking, I know what I want, I know my purpose. I just don’t exactly know what my future holds. I mean, I have a vision, but never does my vision typically take shape the way I imagine it will. And I’m ok with that. That’s the key. 

This is also related to my confidence. I’ve always struggled with self confidence, but luckily I’ve made significant progress. And as ironic as it may seem, embracing and accepting “I don’t know” as an answer to a lot of questions has seemed to help. I’ve made a conscious effort to live the mentality “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.”

The short of it is: I want to own my own business. I’m pursuing entrepreneurship full time.

But really, what are you going to do next?

In more literal terms, I’m going to pause new-job hunting for about a week. I’m going to spend this insane amount of free time to focus on building my brand, Andrew Wolfe. I’m focusing on channeling my creativity through art, collaboration, and fashion design. 

In the next couple of weeks, I plan to begin more seriously looking for part time or full time work in order to support the continuation and growth of my creative ventures. If you know anyone hiring, let me know 😉

Time to F*ck $hit Up!

The Motto