What's up, fam! Greetings from Toronto. I've been a little bit more on the reclusive side lately but I wanted to create this post to share some of the concepts / inspiration I've been sinking myself into. Shout out to Jordan for asking me to post this, we had a good chat today and he asked me to post this content.

Virgil Abloh is a designer from Chicago who's well known for being a friend/stylist/creative director for Kanye West. Virgil's use of quotation marks in his recent design work really caught my attention and curiosity. So, I began doing a lot more research on him, his story, and his ideas to find out the reason behind the quotes. After watching/listening to a few talks/discussions, I can say he truly opened my mind even further when it comes to thinking differently. I wanted to share some of the videos I watched recently that I think others might find interesting. If you are passionate about design, this is for you.

To start off, here's an inspiring docu-style short film of his 2016 Fall/Winter collection. It's a brief look through the conception, production, and showing. (editing is on point, too)

Next up is much, much longer. An hour. So, if you don't have time for this right now, I'd save it for later. He's a guest speaker at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), a pretty prestigious design school in which he didn't actually get accepted to. If you have the time, he drops some great thoughts: (Warning: He isn't the most affluent speaker and he does say "like" too much... but, hey, nobody is perfect.)

Next is a laid back chat between a few different folks. This is basically a podcast style talk that focuses mostly on "culture."

And lastly, here's another long one. Another hour long discussion where Heron and Virgil dominate the conversation. At 13 mins, Virgil says some things that really shifted my perspective. Heron also will make you realize you don't have to be an art-school graduate to be in the creative world. The only thing I didn't agree with them is when they discuss the 10,000 hours concept - However, I honestly don't think they actually understand the concept behind it. Otherwise, this is an awesome discussion:

I wanted to also share a couple recent creative projects I put together. First, I wanted to create a visual representation of anxiety:


This is a logo concept I created for Andrew Wolfe...the brand, blog, website, whatever the hell "this" is:


Thanks for reading / checking this out! Hope you enjoyed! We'll be in touch soon. Feel free to reach out if you want to connect, chat, or get coffee.