I recently experienced a wonderful epiphany and wanted to share it with ya’ll. The goal of this article is to help guide you in the right direction of what to think about when it comes to “starting.” You may be thinking “starting what, Andrew?” I’m talking about taking the first steps towards making your ideas, designs, dreams, products, etc. become reality: taking action.

No bullshit: This is probably some of the same advice / ideas a lot of people on the internet have talked about already. But I don’t care, this was something that clicked for me recently and I want to share my own version because perhaps it’ll be helpful to you or inspire you to start. Also, if you know me, that  may bring a level of relatability that these life & career advice preaching motherf*ckers like Tai Lopez can’t give. Plus, they’re just trying to sell you more online marketing bullshit. I’m here to share my experiences in the most genuine way I can. I don’t have all the keys, but I’m getting there...little by little. Ok, back to the article:

Stage 1: Vision

You have an idea, a vision, a dream. But… Where the hell do you even start? You have this vision stuck in your mind but there’s absolutely no blueprint as to how to make it happen.

Stage 2: Realizing you ain’t shit 

This is when you start to think “how do I get started?” & you realize “holy shit, there’s literally nothing I can do to make my idea a reality as I envision it in my head right now." (most of the time)

You may not have the skills, the money, the network, experience or whatever else it might be. And unfortunately, you can’t just hook your brain up to the printer and print out your idea. Maybe someday, but for now, we’ll have to deal with this long painful process. You ain’t going 0 to 100 real quick. Right now, you ain’t shit.

Since you don’t have the skills, the money, the network, or whatever, you become overwhelmed with thinking about the process & amount of work it will take to get to your end-goal. (Spoiler Alert: this is precisely NOT what you should be focusing on) This is de-motivating, you give up, it’s not worth it. What’s the point?

This is when it becomes a vicious cycle. You come up with great ideas, then you kill them by never starting. All because you only focus on what you can’t do because of the things you don’t have. Then, you basically go into a depression because you’re upset with yourself that you’re not taking action, getting shit done, and pursuing your dreams. You feel worse, it stifles your motivation, thus: vicious cycle. In varying levels of severity, this is what I was going through for the past 3 years.

Stage 3: Epiphany

I’ve gotten all the way here to give you my brilliant 2 cents in the form of 2 words: start small. There’s no right or wrong here. The first step to anything is to take action. Keep it simple, start small.

Yep, that's it. "Well, gosh Andy, that sounds pretty generic—how the hell does that help me?" I'll tell you how: 

The reason I put emphasis on starting small, is that we often overthink “first steps” and “starting.” Let me reiterate: When you want to "start" something, stop focusing on what you “can’t do” and what you “don’t have”. Stop chasing shiny objects. Instead, the first things you should ask yourself is: "what CAN I do? What DO I have?"

Real-Life Example: I want to design clothes. Where do I start?

Old way:

“I didn’t go to school for fashion”
"I'm not good at Illustrator"
"I don't know how to do fashion sketches"
“I haven’t drawn in a long time, I’m rusty”

Result: “There’s no point, everyone else is a step ahead of me, I can’t compete.” No action is taken.

New way:

"I have design ideas"
"I'm pretty comfortable in Photoshop"
"I know people in the fashion industry"
"I'm good at receiving feedback/criticism"

Result: "I'll go into Photoshop, play around with a super simple font-based t-shirt design & share it on Facebook." Boom, action has been taken.

First time in photoshop in a long time...

First time in photoshop in a long time...

...and I wanted to do more.

...and I wanted to do more.

This was my real life example that happened just the other week. I created something from scratch, super basic, but I finished it & it created positive reinforcement. I liked what I saw & it pushed me to do something else. DJ Khaled: Anuva one. Domino effect.

See what happens when you flip your mindset? Ultimately, you stop focusing on what you lack—this holds you back from taking action, which keeps you from reaching your desired destination. You then start to focus on what you CAN do. Get down to basics, to the most simple thing you can do right now. Identify, take action & execute. Then do it again, and again, and again, and… you know. Next thing you know, you’ll be learning new things and meandering down this path to success (while failing a lot on the way).

I'm not a pro at this stuff quite yet, but I feel confident that this simple little itty bitty epiphany has pushed me in the right direction for starting. If you don’t start, you won’t go anywhere. Go do something small.

Thanks for reading. If you like this, express it, if you don't, still express it. Would love to hear thoughts or additional feedback. If you want, follow me on Instagram & Snapchat: ASWolfe91