My Trip to Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

How'd I get there? 22 euros for a Flixbus ticket from Prague to Berlin.

Fernsehturm, Berlin

Where / How did I work? I actually worked mainly in coworking spaces. Berlin is extremely nomad-friendly. We're All In coworking was the first place I worked—beautiful space & staff were super friendly. There's some awesome coffee shops that have great wifi like Rose Garden Berlin & there's multiple other coworking options like St. Oberholz. The hostel I stayed in also had great wifi so getting work done was never an issue :)

Where did I stay? I stayed one night in a place called Smart Stay—I spent one night just because it was close to the bus station when I first got to Berlin. I DO NOT recommend this place. The place had weird vibes... it was nice and modern but there was just something weird about it. The "dorms" have randos in there, no lockers, and it's close quarters (it feels like a nice hotel room, but with bunk beds... sounds nice, but it can be kinda weird.

The next place I stayed in was called the Eastener Hostel—this was a quiet hostel with mostly young people who are more on the lowkey / young professional level. I actually LOVED this place, but they have very limited space so I only spent one night there. The facility was basic, but clean & I loved that they were very assertive about it being "not a party hostel."

St. Christopher's Inn was the last place I spent about 5 nights in was the opposite—very much a party hostel. It had a large bar as the entrance / reception. However, the facility was pretty decent & I ended up meeting some really awesome people. The service was quite good & the bar was pretty sweet. The bar/party scene is kept very much away from the rooms, so the rooms are nice and quiet. Location was also fantastic! Close to everything with a metro station literally in front of the hostel. Pro tip: They have multiple locations in Europe & they do a good job of taking care of you when you book direct—discounts, free breakfast, etc.

Vegetarian Bento Box @ Green Tea Cafe Mamecha

What did I eat? Berlin is SO different from other parts of Germany. Berlin can be dirty and grungy and amazing. It reminded me very much of a Richmond or Portland... but larger and even more diverse. There's some amazing food. There seems to be a lot of Asian influence in certain parts of Berlin (especially near St. Christopher's Inn). I had some amazing pho & homemade Thai that was, quite literally, made in front of me in this tiny little restaurant. I also had a wonderful vegetarian bento box lunch at Green Tea Cafe Mamecha.

Greg & I

Greg & I

Best experience(s)? I met up with a friend from college, purely out of coincidence, we were both in Berlin at the same time. We went out and had a great time—small world. Then, I ended up meeting a really awesome dude who had actually lived in Berlin before & he and I went and explored the city a bit—he was basically my own personal tour guide.

At the tail-end of my trip, I wanted to make my way to the observation deck of the Fernsehturm (TV Tower). This structure is very similar to what a lot of cities build—mainly as a tourist attraction. Personally, I think they're the best thing on the planet. The CN Tower in Toronto was significantly better, in my humble opinion. However, this was still worth it. My goal was to watch the sunset but unfortunately due to their ticketing system, they make you wait unless you buy a special ticket. I didn't quite get to watch the sun set, but I was up there shortly afterwards and still got a pretty amazing view while sipping jack & coke.

Fernsehturm, Berlin

Would I recommend / go back? Yes. A lot to experience & English is very, very common. Unfortunately, I became ill and this limited how much I was able to do. On Friday night, I felt horrible and basically laid in bed all day hoping I'd feel better for Saturday & Sunday. It was crazy to me... I had spent a month in Canada & experienced some of the coldest weather I have literally ever experienced and never got ill. Then, I'm in Germany with beautiful weather and I get sick... what is life? Anyway, I'd like to go back, Berlin is awesome.

The Berlin Wall

Tips / Recommendations: First in foremost - give yourself a good amount of time for this city. Berlin is huge, lots of different neighborhoods, nooks & crannies to check out. The metro is convenient—but may be a little confusing at times. Google maps will be helpful. Also, if you're into partying—apparently Berlin is the best place for it. Specifically, there's a lot of hype around a place called Berghain. If you google it, you'll see how people rave about this place. A few people I met said it's an experience you won't get anywhere else. There's a lot of ambiguity about this club, but some people will stay in there all day and all night. The girl that was above me in my hostel spent over 18 hours inside. It's known for being very, very hard to get in. Many people will spend hours in line just to get denied. But, apparently that's all apart of the experience & once you get it in, it's unforgettable. I walked by to see the line on a Sunday afternoon, but didn't attempt to get in. The mystery is definitely intriguing. If I have more time next time I'm in Berlin, I will probably make an attempt to see what the "experience" is all about. 

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Memorial for the murdered Jews