My Trip to Venice

Why? My oldest brother had this weekend off and wanted to meet me somewhere so we could have some bro time. Without knowing pretty much anything about Venice, I had him meet me there because I was also coincidentally meeting up with some family friends who were traveling Italy. Later on, I realized that Venice is known as one of the most romantic cities in Europe. So... my brother and I spent a romantic weekend in Venice. No, we did not get on a gondola (they're crazy expensive BTW!!!). Instead, we did what any two bros would do in this situation... drink & eat. It ended up being a great time & we discovered what Aperol spritz & Campari spritz are (orange / red drinks).

How did I get there? Jumped on the train from Milano to Venice. Pro tip: try to book a day or two more in advance—the prices do increase. I hate to admit I paid something like $45 for a 2 hour train ride.

Where / how did I work? Luckily, I was only spending the weekend in Venice, so I did not have much of any work to worry about :) 

Where did I stay? Great question & funny story. I cannot remember what the hotel was called...and quite honestly it really doesn't matter. I grabbed a cheap hotel last minute which all seem to be run by a classic Italian mob family. This is mostly a joke...mostly. The funny story? Basically, they somehow overbooked & gave us a "free upgrade" to a different room. Then, the following night they moved us to a "sister" hotel across the way. This old Italian man, dressed in a suit, walked us over down an alley and up a flight of stairs to the new hotel room. Seems legit.

What did I eat? What the hell do you think? Pizza & gelato, duh. But I consumed mostly beer & Campari spritz.

Best experiences? Getting lost. Get out of the touristy areas - they can be suffocating. But when you get lost, you'll find the cool hidden gems in the cities labyrinth alleyways. 

Would I recommend / go back? I'll go back with a significant other one day. Great for couples.

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Andrew Wolfe