My Trip to Prague

How did I get there? This was a pretty last-minute decision, so I forked out 50 euros for a Flixbus ride—it was also a holiday weekend for Germany, so there was a LOT of people traveling. Prices increased & the buses were full. When I checked into the first hostel, the girl was like "the Germans have a holiday and they all flock here!" haha.

Where did I stay? I spent my first night at the Old Prague Hostel. Prague was so busy, this was the only place I could find for a reasonable price, but only for 1 night. The people there were cool, but the facility was a little rough. The showers stunk and there was no privacy to change / take care of yourself in peace. It was a big room with three showers with curtains and a row of sinks. It was a popular weekend, so it was full of college kids partying. Also, the hostel is located in the city center & there's no air conditioning, so they leave the windows open—not a problem until you're trying to sleep and people are partying until the sun comes up.

For my next two nights, I managed to luck out on an Airbnb full apartment for $60/night. Even though this is a bit expensive, given the circumstances, this was a steal. The apartment I stayed in was a 1 bedroom, across the river from the main old town. It even included a little black cat named Stefan. He looked and acted just like Milo, he and I became best friends & I already miss him :( The hosts seem like awesome people, I met the boyfriend who helped me get checked in & we chatted a bit about Airbnb & the city. He also left two Czech beers in the fridge for me. Their place is my dream apartment. Small but well designed, top floor, 1 bedroom, private patio, tons of natural light & their furniture layout was perfect.

For my last two nights, I booked a bed in Sir Toby's Hostel. This was a pretty solid hostel - facility was nice & it's the classic hostel experience where you meet a ton of people super easily. I ended up meeting a number of folks, surprisingly, many from the US. They have a bar in the basement and a nice outdoor terrace where they host events & games. 

Where / how did I work? I had a number of different work experiences. I had a few moments of frustration when I couldn't find a good wifi hotspot. Luckily, Workfrom helped me find Mamacoffee—a fantastic coffee shop with fast wifi where you sit down and they come to you, then you pay when you leave. On another day, I walked into a coworking space hoping to do a drop-in half day. The person who would have taken my payment wasn't there and they never got back to me via email, so I ended up working a few hours there for free... thanks! The Airbnb had crazy fast internet, but I was only there for the weekend and it happened to be Memorial Day weekend in the US so I didn't get to take advantage of it too much other than that Friday evening. 

What did I eat? Lots of Czech beer. Döner of course, and this thing called "trdelník" which is basically a donut-like pastry that they coat in sugar & (by request) filled with Nutella. It's actually cooked on rollers over a wood fire...not fried so, healthier, right? I met some awesome fellow nomads in Prague and we decided it was pronounced "turtle dick" haha. I had quite a few pleasant food experiences while in Prague—they have a number of fantastic coffee shops which are great for quick healthy bites. I also went to a restaurant that served classic Czech food. One of their signature dishes is actually grilled chicken wings & they were delicious!

Best experience? It may seem odd, but having my alone time at the Airbnb apartment was one of my favorite experiences while in Prague. The apartment, Stefan, and the neighborhood created a vibe that really resonated with me. I was going through a bit of a stressful time with work, personal life, and trying to make a decision on where to go next. I've definitely learned that I have some strong introverted tendencies and when I'm stressed or in a "funk" the best solution for me is to be by myself and work through it. After just about a day of solitude, my mood flipped and I felt more energetic. I was ready for the next move. I also thoroughly enjoy exploring cities by myself—you're among tons of people, but you don't necessarily need to interact with any of them.

Would I go back / recommend? Yes. Overall, definitely a good place for nomads. Everything is reasonably cheap, there's a lot to see and explore and they've got some new up & coming areas that are filled with hidden gems. Also, if you're into partying, you'll love Prague. I look forward to going back.