My Trip to Zurich

View from Oldtown Hostel Otter private balcony

How did I get there? I think it was about $20 for the train ride from Basel to Zurich. Funny story: I got on the train & it left a little earlier than scheduled. I went through a short panic attack because I thought I somehow got on the wrong train. The last destination is displayed inside the train, not all the stops - so I thought I was going to get stuck going to the complete wrong side of Switzerland. Luckily, Zurich was simply one of the stops on the way :)

Where did I stay? Ok, if you've been reading any of my posts, you may have noticed I mention "vibes" pretty often. This was an experience where I was getting weird vibes. I stayed at the Hostelling International hostel which is a ways away from the city center, getting there was a pain (and I technically bought the wrong public transit ticket, luckily no one checked). I booked my accommodations kinda last minute, so it was the cheapest option. After checking in, I walked into the room and the vibe was super weird. There was a strange mix of people in the room. Then, that night...trying to fall asleep was a complete nightmare. The snoring, moving, creaking and other strange sounds kept me up.

Sunset from private balcony at the Oldtown Hostel Otter

This hostel had reminiscent vibes of the YMCA one in Basel... there were a lot of young-young people. Like young teens, children, families, then older folks. It was not the place for 20 somethings. The facilities were nice enough, but I wouldn't recommend staying there.

I spent the last two days in a private room at the Oldtown Hostel Otter located in the heart of Zurich. This made up for the bad first impression. I spent way too much money, but it was worth it. I had a top floor room with a balcony that looked out over the city. This is the hotel room that I ended up doing my laundry in the sink and drying on the electric oil heater.

Warm croissant & cappuccino from Franzos

Warm croissant & cappuccino from Franzos

What did I eat? Zurich was just as expensive, if not more, than Basel. So, I didn't indulge too much. I did, however, have an amazing croissant at Franzos.

Where / how did I work? I ended up working in the hostel common area which was quite nice. Then, it was the weekend so I got to enjoy the city.

Sunset in Zurich

Best experience? After work one day, I took a walk in the rain along the coast of the lake into the main city center. The raindrops on my umbrella made the most beautiful and peaceful sound. It was crisp & cool, no humidity. It felt refreshing. As I walked along, the rain passed. I watched ducks & swans. Then I watched the sun set & reflect gold light off the opposite side of the city, across the lake & you could see the Swiss Alps in the distance.

Also, the day before I left, I literally spent hours by the river at this outdoor cafe/bar drinking Aperol Spritz. The weather was incredible.

Would I go back / recommend? The biggest problem I have with Switzerland is the cost. I feel that, although the landscape is beautiful, there are other places in Europe that are just as beautiful that are cheaper. I don't necessarily plan to go back to Zurich. Like I mentioned in my previous post about Basel, I'd like to visit Interlaken & Lucerne next time.

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