Greetings from Marseille!

"Get out of your comfort zone." they say. You've probably heard this in one way or another... And if you haven't, I am telling you: Go out there and get uncomfortable, it's good for you.

Ok, first off... Marseille is the product of searching RyanAir's deals and finding a flight here for 15 pounds from Stansted airport in England (about 40 minute train ride south of Cambridge). I selected a few "upgrades" - like selecting a seat, "fast track" security and priority boarding which ultimately brought my ticket to about $36 USD, but still, not bad at all. Point is: Marseille was chosen at random, not purpose.

In this post, I won't go into too much of the details of my itinerary (...maybe because I don't have one, but that's beside the point). I'm writing this at the end of my day 3 here in Marseille, and I just wanted to share a quick snippet of something I've been thinking about.

The past 2 months or so - ever since I traveled up to Montreal & Quebec City in Canada, I've dabbled in learning some basic French (Unpaid Advertising: Duolingo is a great app I've been using). But my dabbling has not done very much to my actual French understanding/speaking ability. I only know a few words here and there. Nonetheless, here I am in the country of the language and english is not exactly common. Communicating isn't easy, but this uncomfortable feeling is also oddly satisfying, and it seems to promote this natural sense of curiosity.


Today's example (per my Instagram post): This morning, on my hunt for wifi, I found a nice little cafe & luckily they had wifi! I sat down and the waiter came by where I asked if he spoke english (Par le anglais?) when he replied "no". While attempting to communicate that I'd like a large coffee, he mistook my "grande" for "orange". He brought over my caffe (here, normal coffee is "caffe" and it is literally a shot of espresso) along with a chocolate croissant & a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. That juice was some of the best damn orange juice I've ever had! I'm not sure why, but I thought this was a cool experience.


Getting outside of your comfort zone is definitely good for you. It helps you grow, it makes you curious... you will crave for more. Also, it's surprisingly easy to do. You won't regret it, and it really ain't that scary, trust me :)

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