Vacation in Miami

This is super overdue. But, late is better than never, right?

I went on "vacation" for the second week of November in Florida. My round trip ticket was FREE after a $75 flight credit + $100 worth of credit card miles. I put vacation in quotes because as you might already know, most of my vacations still involve work. In sales, you are pretty much always working... Your paycheck depends on it. But hey, I can't complain. ;)

I flew into Orlando, grabbed a rental car and drove down to Miami. After spending 4 days, I drove up to hang out with my brother who lives on the eastern side of Florida. Overall, I had a great time! ...I only got sunburned partially :)

4 days in Miami for me ended up being more than enough. I learned a lot of great info about the city. I probably won't plan a trip to Miami by myself again. I think it would be a little more enjoyable with friends or a significant other. However, I did find one amazing neighborhood: Wynwood. I had no idea that Miami had such a dope scene! Graffiti and street art blankets the entire neighborhood. Tons of breweries, restaurants, and shops...and DONUTS.

Wynwood had an awesome beer scene where you could do your own little brewery crawl (see map below). Three fantastic breweries all within walking distance that I recommend: J Wakefield Brewing, Concrete Beach Brewery, and Wynwood Brewing Company.

Where'd I stay? For 2 nights, I stayed at the Hotel St. Augustine. Then, I spent another 2 nights at the Rock Hostel. St. Augustine was nice and even though it was pricey, it was still more on the affordable end. It lacked in some areas, but overall, the room was awesome. I really enjoyed my stay. The Rock Hostel was right in the middle of the madness and I definitely didn't have a super wonderful experience... it wasn't awful, but I wouldn't stay there again. There's no good common area, bathrooms are inside the dorms, and the mattresses and pillows are covered in plastic coverings (I appreciate that from a hygiene perspective, but not a comfort or noise perspective).

Recommended food spots:


If you want to have a little more of a classy stay, you probably want to stay closer to true South Beach area (5th Street and under). This area is a little more residential and upscale so you will probably pay a little more, but it's peaceful and a lot less touristy. All the restaurants on Ocean Drive starting at 5th Street and up are all traps... don't do it!

The cool local spots for the young crowd are actually inland over in Wynwood. Definitely take a trip over there and explore!

That pretty much wraps it up. Stay tuned for more! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Peace & blessings.